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Tinnitus Formula

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tinnitus formula

The tinnitus formula is specially formulated to reduce tinnitus symptoms, boost your immune system and control the natural sleep cycle.

Included in this formula are pharmaceutical grade ingredients that have been proven in clinical trials (see below) and studies to have had positive results in the reduction of tinnitus and to quickly and safely boost the human immune system.

Because of our hectic and stressed lifestyles our body can often take huge strain and some of the natural chemical processes that need to occur to make the body function correctly, become compromised.

Many of the natural cycles that should happen at certain times of the day, like the sleep-wake cycle, are then thrown out of sync and insomnia, tiredness, irritability, anxiety and depression (amongst others) can start occurring. These symptoms are all proven to have a negative (aggravating) affect on tinnitus and need to be minimized at all costs hence the need for correct supplementation.

Your diet alone cannot provide all the vitamins and nutrients you need in such a situation and the only solution is thus supplementation. Your system actually needs different nutrients in the evening to those it needs during the day. This is because it has different needs at that time, the main one being a need to wind down and get to sleep naturally without the use of sleeping pills.

safe tinnitus treatments

How does it work?

This high potency, proprietary blend of natural vitamins and antioxidants works to dramatically boost your immune system. Also included is pharmaceutical grade Ginkgo biloba extract which has been proven in many clinical trials to relieve and reduce tinnitus.

When the immune system has been taking strain as naturally occurs with most tinnitus sufferers, the only way to "kick start" it is to give it a massive boost via supplementation.

This is precisely what the T-Gone Remedies Tinnitus Relief formula does for your body!

Tinnitus Relief Formula

This tinnitus formula has proven to be successful because it does precisely what it is formulated to do, it gently boosts the immune system, helps with tinnitus, improves your general health and as a result, you sleep better at night.

Insomnia is a major problem with tinnitus and leads to a lowered immune system, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks and depression which will all aggravate your tinnitus.

2 Step Tinnitus and Immune Booster Formula Ingredients
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: Two (2) Capsules

Amount per

Daily Value
The Capsules Contain:    
Pharmaceutical Grade Gingko Biloba Extract
Zinc (Amino Acid Chelate)
Beta Caratone (Natural Vitamin A)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Other ingredients: Rice, Gelatin

** No daily values have been established.

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The criteria for including an ingredient in the formulation was simple -
if verifiable clinical trials and studies had been conducted that positively proved the efficacy of that ingredient in the treatment of tinnitus, it was considered for inclusion.

By enforcing a rigid set of rules at the outset we were able to guarantee our results with a large degree of accuracy. The final formulation nevertheless took over two years to finalize.

Clinical trials

Vitamin A

As far back as the 1950's it was positively proven that Vitamin A supplementation had extremely positive results in hearing loss and tinnitus patients.

Sir Edward Mellanby the well known British vitamin and nutrition researcher and also the secretary of the the British Medical Research Council and President of the International Technical Commission of Nutrition showed in animal trials (1935-39), that vitamin A-deficiency can lead to disorders in the nervus acusticus and the inner ear, and that, as a consequence hearing disorders can occur.

These tests were the scientific basis for vitamin A treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus on humans, which lead to extremely positive results.

The first trials with Vitamin A as a treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus were conducted in  1949 by a  New York otorhinolaryngologist M.J. Lobel .   He treated patients who were suffering with progressive hearing loss and tinnitus with large doses of Vitamin A over a six week period.  The patients who responded positively received further treatment during 22 more weeks,  or as long as it took to reach the maximum gain in hearing improvement.

The  results are particularly noteworthy. 

Within six weeks  83% of the hearing loss patients responded positively to the Vitamin A treatments.  Conductive as well as perceptive hearing loss was clearly improved.

The tinnitus which normally is associated with hearing loss, was was dramatically reduced and even eliminated in some patients. This reduction came after the second or third week of treatment at best or after two months in the worst case scenario.

After six weeks of using vitamin A according to the schedule as laid out by Dr. Lobel, the following results were achieved

Equally as important as the improvement in hearing is the relief obtained from the tinnitus in some patients. Of the patients who suffered with tinnitus, 74% reported a reduction or elimination of the tinnitus noises in addition to a marked improvement.

Dr. Lobel was able to report better results in the treatment of tinnitus than in hearing impairment but he had conclusively established that Vitamin A deficiency plays a major role in hearing loss and tinnitus and that supplementation with Vitamin A has positive a dramatic results for tinnitus sufferers.

The Tinnitus Relief Formula contains 20mg Beta Carotene which naturally produces the required daily amount of Vitamin A in the body. Any excess is simply flushed away.

Ginkgo Biloba

Clinical studies have shown that only pharmaceutical grade Ginkgo Biloba extract as found in Tinnitus Relief Formula is effective in the treatment of tinnitus.

Ginkgo Biloba has been a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 5000 years and is a vital ingredient of the TinnitusRelief Formula.

The scientific community believes that the clinical benefits of this ancient herb result from a group of bioflavonoids called Ginkgo flavonglycosides and from a group of lactone terpenes called Ginkoglides which include Ginkgolide A, Ginkolide B, Ginkgolide C and Bilobalide.

Click here for details of clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of Gingko biloba in the treatment of tinnitus.

Zinc (Amino Acid Chelate)

Experts believe that up to 31% percent of the patients they see that are suffering from severe tinnitus are zinc-deficient. Zinc supplementation has been proven to reduce tinnitus levels.

Zinc is indeed often referred to as a "super mineral" and many clinical studies have shown Zinc to be an extremely powerful antioxidant and immune stimulant.

Zinc deficient individuals may also experince loss of appetite, hair loss, diminished taste or smell or skin problems.

Taken at the recommended serving size of two capsules twice a day, the 2 Step Tinnitus and Immune Booster formula provides 66% of the recommended daily allowance of this vitally important trace element.

Click here for details of clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of Zinc in the treatment of tinnitus.


Low levels of magnesium combined with noise exposure eventually deplete the inner ear cells' energy stores, leading to exhaustion, damage and death of the inner ear cells.

When the noise level gets too high the tiny hairs on these inner ear cells fuse or disappear, and they and their supporting cells eventually disintegrate, along with the nerve fibers going to these cells.

A recent study showed that supplemental intake of magnesium has a protective effect against long-term noise exposure.

Click here for details of clinical trials conducted amongst Israeli soldiers that proves the benefits of oral supplementation of magnesium in tinnitus sufferers.

Vitamin B12

Apart from being absolutely vital to the correct functioning of your body, Vitamin B12 supplementation plays a major role in reducing or elimination tinnitus.

Researchers from the Institute for Noise Hazards Research and Evoked Potentials Laboratory at Chaim-Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan and from Tel Aviv University, both in Israel, looked at a group of 385 people with tinnitus and found that upto 47 percent of tinnitus sufferers were vitamin B12 deficient.

When this vitamin B12 deficiency was corrected, the tinnitus was reduced significantly by an average of 39% and completely cured in 27% of cases.

The researchers concluded "Vitamin B12, for that reason, may be recommended as a treatment that is effective for the treatment of inner ear hearing loss and tinnitus.

Click here to read the complete text of their findings.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Tinnitus is often caused by blocked or reduced blood flow to the ears, which can happen in two ways. The tiny artery leading to the inner ear can get clogged with cholesterol, causing a kind of stroke in the ear. Loud noises can send this artery into spasm, reducing blood supply to the cochlea.

In either case, an interrupted blood supply can lead to hearing problems and tinnitus. Antioxidants work by helping to prevent oxygen-caused damage to cell membranes.

Antioxidants also help keep arteries open and free of plaque buildup.

The effectiveness of Vitamin E is now proven in clinical trials to restore sensorineural (sudden) hearing loss, a major cause of tinnitus.

That is why antioxidant nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E are so important to tinnitus sufferers.

Click here to read additional information about Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


The Tinnitus Relief Formula

This tinnitus formula has proven to be successful because it does precisely what it is formulated to do. It gently boosts the immune system, helps with tinnitus, improves your general health and as a result, you sleep better at night.

Insomnia is a major problem with tinnitus and leads to a lowered immune system, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks and depression which will all aggravate your tinnitus.

Click here for a complete ingredient listing.

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