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Constant Ear Ringing

Ringing In The Ears Tinnitus

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Constant ear ringing can be a very difficult thing to live with.

But if you suffer from it, the most important thing to learn is that you are not alone.

Did you know that there are around 12 million people in the US that are so badly affecting by tinnitus that they cannot function normally?

If you’re one of these people, you may know how it can affect your ability to work , to socialize with others and you can find yourself utterly in the grip of a condition modern medicine has no clue how to deal with!

constant ear ringingIt is estimated that some 17% of the population are tinnitus sufferers in the US and that this percentage is increasing dramatically as a result of the noisy and stressful world we live in.

As mentioned previously, ear ringing sufferers get very little help from conventional medical doctors and ENT specialists. This is because they cannot actually prescribe any medications to cure tinnitus.

This can be very frustrating to anyone suffering from aconstant ear ringing.

Why can’t conventional medicines help?

The reason for this is simple - tinnitus is not a sickness. It is caused as the result of some other problem.

Be Careful with That MP3 Player On Your Phone!

Experts are predicting that devices such as the Apple iPhone, MP3 players and other smart phones are going to leave users a legacy of hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus. Some of these devices have the capability to deliver 100 decibels of sound deep into the inner ear canal and the harm this is causing, especially with habitual users is simply being ignored, despite all the warnings.

Think about this before the next time you use one of these portable players. If you’re going to use it, at least keep the volume down. Now that you know what causes constant ear ringing, what can be done about it?

How to Treat Ear Ringing

• Your only hope of finding lasting relief from tinnitus is to correctly identify the underlying problem.

Find the root cause of the tinnitus and then to treat the symptom.

If you don’t get to the root cause, all you’re treating is the symptoms of the condition.

The wealth of information available at this web site is to provide you with the knowledge to be able to correctly pinpoint the cause of your tinnitus so that you can then order the correct remedy.

  • • This is a vital step as each remedy is formulated specifically to treat one specific tinnitus type.


Identify the Cause of Your Tinnitus

So how can you go about identifying the cause of your tinnitus? Identifying the cause of the ear ringing is not as hard as you might think because there are really only three major causes of tinnitus. The most common cause of ringing ears is exposure to noise which results in high frequency hearing loss.

We have found that over 85% of all tinnitus cases are caused from cochlea damage and although we call it “noise tinnitus”, there are many other conditions that can cause cochlea damage. These are all explained in detail at the noise tinnitus page.

Other conditions that can cause tinnitus are stress and anxiety, sinus problems and Meniere's disease.

Please take the time to explore this site and learn about tinnitus. This is probably the only way you will be able to get the relief from the ear ringing and be able to claim your life back. You need to understand what has caused the problem in the first place.

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Cochlear Damage




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