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Ear Ringing

People who have inner ear problems usually hear some ear ringing and this is what we call tinnitus. Tinnitus is a product of the brain trying to receive sound signals from the ears when there is no sound coming in due to hearing loss.

Hearing loss usually happens because of cochlear damage. This may be due to trauma or just constant exposure to loud noises.

• When the ears are constantly exposed to loud noises the hair cells in the cochlea gets damaged by t that is caused the loud noise.


• This is why those who have the habit of listening to loud music have the tendency to have ear ringing.

Ear ringing tinnitus can be heard in one or both ears and it can take place in the 4 sections of the ear: outer ear, middle ear, inner ear and the brain. It may be unilateral, taking place in one ear, or bilateral, taking place on both ears. The ringing can be intermittent or constant and the volume of the tinnitus sounds can vary from one person to another.

Tinnitus Sounds

Usually the sounds that are heard by a tinnitus sufferer are in forms of ringing, buzzing, cicadas, ticking, hissing, or chirping. To some, the tinnitus sounds can greatly affect their way of life while some are not bothered at all since the volume of the ear ringing is just low.

To protect the ears from loud noises, it is suggested that listening to music using earphones be minimized or avoided and when doing so, keep the volume low. Also when working with power tools, earplugs or ear muffs must be used to protect the ears from loud noises.


Presence of impacted ear wax can also cause temporary hearing loss. There are some people who produce more ear wax compared to others. Impacted ear wax must be removed by a physician to avoid damage to the eardrums. Many people get a hole in their eardrums because of improper removal of ear wax. Digging inside your ears can damage the eardrums and may cause infections and worse can puncture your eardrums and cause hearing damage.

It is imperative for a person with tinnitus to go seek medical attention to properly determine what might have caused the tinnitus and for proper treatment to be done.

• Diagnosis of the cause of the tinnitus is a vital part for selecting the treatment to be used for tinnitus.

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