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Six of the Most Serious Inner Ear Problems


inner ear problemsInner ear problems can lead to a condition known as tinnitus in which you hear phantom noises. These sounds are actually the symptoms caused by the ear problem you’re having. If you begin experiencing tinnitus, see your health care provider to determine the cause.

If the tinnitus is due to an inner ear infection or similar ear problem, you’ll need to begin treatment as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your ear.

There are a variety of conditions that can cause inner ear conditions and any one of them can do damage to your hearing if not treated. Below are six of the most serious inner ear problems patients face today.

          1] Meniere's Disease- the exact cause is unknown at this time but this inner ear problem causes hearing loss, dizziness, nausea and some patients may feel pressure building up within their ear. It normally affects just one ear but there are cases of patients having it in both ears. It can be mild or severe and it can come and go or stay consistent.

2] Infections- if infection travels to the inner ear through the bloodstream it can damage the nerve endings and hair cells in the ear causing hearing loss. Most infections that reach the inner ear are viral and it can be a very serious condition.

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3] Presbycusis- this inner ear problem is a result of age related hearing loss and it can make it difficult to hear when there are a lot of background noises present. It occurs when the cochlea hair cells die and when the nerves that transmit messages to the brain slow down.

4- Labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis - these conditions are the result of ear infections reaching the inner ear and the nerves connecting the brain to the inner ear. Bacterial infection or upper respiratory diseases are usually responsible for these inner ear problems. When the inner ear or the nerves in this part of the ear become inflamed, you can experience vertigo, vision problems, hearing problems and it may become difficult to keep your balance.

5] Acoustic neuroma- when a non-cancerous tumor grows in the canal connecting the inner ear and your brain, it’s called acoustic neuroma. This is a rare condition that will progress or grow bigger with time. If not treated, it can be very serious causing facial numbness, dizziness and problems keeping your balance.

6] Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo- when calcium deposits in your inner ear canal it can send incorrect information to the brain that can lead to dizziness and nausea. These episodes can be sudden and very intense.

These problems can occur in people of all ages. If not treated, they can cause permanent damage to your hearing and you may suffer with tinnitus.

When the problem is corrected, the tinnitus may go away but it can be permanent if the inner ear problems damage your ears permanently.

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