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Causes of Tinnitus - Explanation Videos
tinnitus videos

Cochlear Damage



tinnitus cureA common question that many people will ask when they first dicover that they have tinnitus is "is there a tinnitus cure?"

The truth is that tinnitus cannot be cured, because it is not actually a "sickness" as such.

It is actually a side effect. i.e. Tinnitus is caused as a result of a different underlying condition.

There are many factors that cause tinnitus and aggravate tinnitus and it is these factors that need to be treated or relieved.

This is the secret to finding relief from those continual ringing in the ear noises. Try to relieve or treat condition or problem that is responsible for for causing tinnitus in the first place.

Many people with tinnitus also have other problems such as stress, loss of balance, sensitivity to loud noises and sleep troubles to deal with. This can obviously affect your life quite dramatically. It's thus natural to want to know if there is a tinnitus cure.

There are many doctors, scientists and medical universities around the world studying and researching the condition in the hope of finding a new tinnitus cure. In the interim, it is important to know what options are currently available to you.

Ingredients used in our remedies
The ingredients used are a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. * The remedies have no known side effects and will not interact with any conventional medications you may be taking.

Watching the short videos below will help you to determine the underlying condition or problem that is causing your tinnitus as well as explain what your options are to successfully find lasting relief from tinnitus.

Causes of Tinnitus - Explanation Videos
tinnitus videos

Cochlear Damage



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Real People With Tinnitus Discuss T-Gone Tinnitus Treatments*

If you suffer from tinnitus, I can say to you it was well worth it to try the T-gone remedy for Type 4, noise induced cochlea damage tinnitus.

Ten years ago feedback from a sound system caused ringing in my left ear, causing anxiety, difficulty in sleeping well, and hearing and communicating problems with others, which is, as you know, very frustrating.

When I read Ellen's book, (thank you for making it available to us for free!), I decided to e-mail her. It was her passion for helping people and her desire to see people free from this disorder that gave me the courage to believe this wasn't just hype to get my money, but a homeopathic remedy with some science behind it.

I have since read more about why homeopathy works and have even greater belief in its ability to heal. I had been taking the formula for about 2 months when I went to get my ears "vacuumed" by an ENT.

I have had my ears cleaned before, but it didn't help the ringing. BUT THIS TIME it did!!! I noticed a big difference and it's been so wonderful to have the noise reduced that it doesn't bother me at all- it's just way in the background and I just ignore it and get on with life!

I'm convinced it was the combination of the T-gone formula plus having my ears cleaned professionally that has given this great relief, and this is therefore what I would recommend to every one who suffers from tinnitus.

Also, one's attitude is a factor in dealing with any syndrome. If you think it's going to only get worse and can't believe it will ever leave, I beg you to stop those kind of thoughts for your own sake.

Personally, it is my belief that I have a loving Heavenly Father who wants the best for me, and I have always asked Him to show me how to cooperate with Him in the healing process.

Recently I have read about how scientists are discovering how the brain works. It has been found that the more positive thoughts you think, the healthier you become!

So stop the negative thoughts and replace it with a positive ones. "Yes, I WILL recover from this tinnitus!" My compassion goes out to ALL who experience tinnitus.

I rejoice with those who have found relief, and to the rest, I say, "YOUR TURN IS NEXT!"

Lynn Dobbins

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