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Ringing Ears Cure

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ringing ears cureChoosing a ringing ears cure is best determined after making an accurate diagnosis of the primary medical condition that caused the symptom.

If the precise cause for the tinnitus is determined, then the physician might be able to eliminate the noise. Precise causes would mean medical conditions like Meniere’s disease, tumors, drug induced, infections, otosclerosis and TMJ.

In the absence of a precise cause, it is improbable that the ringing can be eliminated. If the tinnitus is not alleviated after the treatment process or if it is a result of exposure to loud noise, there are non medical alternatives to lessen or camouflage the noise.

Listening to a radio or television on a player with headphones, or the use of tinnitus maskers are examples of alternative methods to address tinnitus. Maskers are like hearing aids and it produces a white neutral sound and has reportedly brought relief to 60 percent of sufferers.

A conventional ringing ears cure is focused on addressing the primary causes:

• Excessive ear wax - removal of the ear wax by a physician to clean the ears.
• Infection of the ear – a prescription drug containing hydrocortisone relieves the itching and antibiotic for infection.
• Otosclerosis or tumor is diagnosed – surgery may be performed.
• Temporomandibular joint syndrome – referral to a specialist for appropriate treatment.

In cases of chronic tinnitus, drug therapy can offer several successes. Lidocaine has shown relief to some sufferers but it is intravenously administered and the effect is not long lasting. If the patient experiences nervousness, unusual anxiety, irregular heartbeat, or excitement during medication, treatment must be discontinued and an emergency medical treatment must be sought.

Some other side effects are rashes, redness, hives, irritation, and itchy skin. When this happens, it is advisable to stop the medication and to call the attention of a physician immediately.

If the tinnitus is due to stress, biofeedback, hypnosis or psychological counseling is beneficial. These three helps minimize the emotional stress which may cause muscle spasms in the tiny tensor tympani or stapedius muscles in the ear.

Several lifestyle and diet adjustments must be taken into consideration to minimize the intensity of tinnitus:

• Low salt diet
• Avoid exposure to loud noises and sounds.
• Decrease intake of salt
• Exercise
• Blood pressure regularization
• Avoidance of stimulants like coffee, nicotine and colas
• Do not concentrate on the tinnitus noise
• Provision of hearing aids to patients with hearing loss
• Avoidance of aspirin and aspirin products
• Use masking noise in a quiet environment
• Have adequate rest and avoid exhausting activities

To sum it all up, people with tinnitus “get used” to it and have become attuned to it. There is no ringing ears cure per se. There is no wonder pill that will cure the millions of patients with tinnitus that will no longer make them hear the noises in an instant.

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