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Tinnitis and Ringing in The Ears...


What is Tinnitis?

Do you have trouble falling asleep do to a ringing sensation in your ears? If so you may be suffering from Tinnitus.

For some people suffering from this condition complains about a constant ringing in the ears, while in other people it comes and goes. People suffering from this also describe the noise as a chirping, whistling, or a buzzing sensation.

The ringing in your ears is worse when it is quiet, like when you are trying to fall asleep at night.

You are not alone in your suffering, there is an estimated fifty million adults in the United States that suffer from Tinnitus.

For most of these fifty million sufferers it is a minor aggravation. For others the ringing in the ears is so severe that they have a hard time concentrating and an even harder time trying to go to sleep.

What causes Tinnitis?

There are many factors that can cause Tinnitus. A buildup of wax in the ears causing a blockage in the ear canal will lead to these problems. Ear infections can lead to the ringing in the ears. A perforated eardrum will also cause this condition.

Some medications can cause Tinnitus, aspirin being the main one. Tinnitus is listed as a possible side effect in over two hundred types of antibiotics and quinine medications.

People suffering with Meniere's disease, a disease that attacks the central part of the ear, often lead to Tinnitus.

Mistakenly linked with hearing loss, Tinnitus does not cause hearing loss. While at the same time hearing loss does not cause Tinnitus.

Some Tinnitus sufferers often have no difficulty hearing. In rare cases people become so sensitive to sound that they must soften or cover loud noises. Allergies, anemia, an under active thyroid gland, and high blood pressure are medical conditions that can also cause Tinnitus.

Who are more likely to get Tinnitus? Pilots, carpenters, rock musicians, and roofing repair workers are more likely to be afflicted.

Anybody who is around loud noises for long periods of times.

It has also been determined that cigarette smokers, people who drink alcohol and or caffeinated drinks suffer more intense symptoms of Tinnitus, then people who don't smoke or drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

It should also be noted that people who are under a lot of stress and fatigue will have worse symptoms. Going through the day with the hissing, the chirping, the whistling or with ringing in the ears is annoying but you can get use to it.

The worst part of dealing with tinnitis is trying to sleep...

To help getting to sleep you can use a white noise CD. A white noise CD provides a counter to the ringing in the ears thus helping you to fall to sleep.

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