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Combat Pack

To reduce tinnitus symptoms you need to understand tinnitus.

There is much that you can do to rid yourself of the misery of living with very loud tinnitus but some effort is required on your part. The rewards though are most certainly worth the effort involved.

Our combat pack is designed to help you cope with all aspects of tinnitus including managing stress and anxiety, getting to sleep without sleeping pills, dealing with the causes of the tinnitus and empowering you with knowledge to manage and ultimately to control tinnitus symptoms.

  • The only sure way to achieve this is to first understand it, then to take the appropriate action.

  • A vexing question about tinnitus treatments...

Combat Pack

Whilst we have never claimed to have a cure for tinnitus, we have nevertheless had some good results with our remedies and literally hundreds of people have actually written us telling how their life had been turned around. Others again suffered disappointment and had little or no reduction in the levels of their tinnitus.

This has long been a perplexing problem because we were sure that those people who had no had any reduction were indeed taking the correct tinnitus remedies. (More on that later)

The answer to the tinnitus question...

Understanding came only after years of research, surveys, telephone and email conversations with thousands tinnitus sufferers in an effort to thoroughly know and understand the condition, it’s affects on people and how different people react to and deal with tinnitus.

To understand tinnitus and how it affects you, you need first know the causes of your tinnitus, i.e. what is the root cause of your tinnitus.

What you focus on expands

Many sufferers of tinnitus end up focusing on the ear ringing and as a result the tinnitus soon becomes almost an obsession. The problem is that whatever you focus on worsens, so that as the noises seem to get worse the more we think about them.

      • Focusing on the tinnitus noises leads to increased levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Increased levels of anxiety and stress leads directly to the tinnitus symptoms becoming louder.
  • When the tinnitus noises get louder the tinnitus sufferer will start having problems sleeping.
  • Because the sufferer is having sleeping problems, the levels of stress and anxiety escalate.
  • This in turn increases the tinnitus levels…

Study the graphic below

tinnitus cycle

Often the net result of such a cycle is a dramatic lowering of the immune system which in turn makes the body an ideal target for any infection or germs that are going around. So to compound matters, tinnitus sufferers often have other health problems to contend with. This of course can lead to depression, moodiness and irritablilty.

It is a well known fact that tinnitus causes stress and anxiety, now it is also known that stress and anxiety will cause your tinnitus to get worse.

Anxiety, stress and insomnia

It would be a huge mistake to underestimate the importance of sleep in your life.

Many tinnitus sufferers really battle to fall asleep because of the distracting ear ringing noises and those feelings of anxiety. As a result they end up feeling very tired and irritable during the day, which obviously then further increases the levels of stress and anxiousness.

Anxiety and stress thus have a major influence on the levels of tinnitus one experiences and often have the effect of increasing the tinnitus levels simply because the sufferer starts focusing so much more on the noises, especially at night when they are trying to fall asleep.

It is difficult to just drift off to sleep when you are lying there and
your ears are ringing like a banshee!

Which brings us to...

The Combat Pack

Remember the question we were seeking the answer for?

"Why did some tinnitus sufferers experience a reduction in their tinnitus noise levels while taking the T-Gone tinnitus remedy and others had little or no reduction?"

We had discovered the following vitally important facts about people
who used our tinnitus remedies:



tinnitus treatment

What we had actually discovered was:
those individuals whose immune systems were functioning properly were the people for whom the homeopathic remedies worked so well for.

This was indeed a major discovery for tinnitus sufferers.

It finally dawned on us that our homeopathic remedies worked really well when the conditions within the body were right for the remedies to be able to start the healing process by dealing with the root causes of the tinnitus, i.e. the immune system was in good working order...

Our action plan

What we needed to do was to create the conditions in our client’s bodies and minds that made it possible for our natural remedies to work most of the time. That is when the idea to provide a combat pack was conceived.

The combat pack that eventually evolved out of this research took over 3 years of planning and testing and also involved tests and interaction with hundreds of our clients.

The end results of out testing were nothing short of amazing. Implimenting the combat pack provided perfect conditions (a healthy immune system) that the mind and body needed in order for the tinnitus remedies to start the healing process and as a result to reduce the tinnitus symptoms in many instances.

Another bonus was that our clients general health also improved. Because they were sleeping better, and had no side effects from sleeping tablets and other prescription medications, they had improved fitness levels and most reported much higher energy and concentration levels.

The ingredients used in all T-Gone Remedies are a proprietary blends of natural ingredients. The remedies have no known side effects and will not interact with any conventional medications you may be taking if taken at the recommended dosage.

The Combat Pack

tinnitus solutionThe combat pack is a five part program specifically designed to help you educate you about tinnitus.

It will to boost your immune system, manage your stress and anxiety levels, help you to get the sleep your body needs whilst the homeopathic remedies are aimed at relieving the root cause of your tinnitus symptoms.

The English philosopher, statesman, and essayist Sir Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is Power."

This statement is indeed true if you are really serious about wanting to live a life no longer bothered by tinnitus symptoms.

Ellen's "Living Tinnitus Free" tinnitus self help guide

1.] The very first part of the combat pack provides you with knowledge. This is so important a step in your recovery from tinnitus that Ellen's original paper on the subject grew into a fully fledged book!

Ellen Currie's 250 page Tinnitus Self Help Guide entitled "Living Tinnitus Free" provides you with everything you need to know to be able to cope with all aspects of tinnitus and thus to start living life again enjoying reduced tinnitus levels.

Homeopathic remedies

2.] A vital component of the combat pack are the homeopathic remedies. You will choose the remedy best suited to relieve the root cause of your tinnitus symptoms.

As you will learn, only 3 specific events or causes are responsible for over 95% of all cases of tinnitus so choosing the correct tinnitus remedy is a relatively easy and painless procedure which we guide you through as part of the ordering process.

Managing your immune system and controlling stress and anxiety levels are paramount to the reduction of your tinnitus levels and the combat pack has two natural products that are scientifically formulated to combine with and to compliment the homeopathic tinnitus remedies.


TinnitusRelief Formula

3.] Step 3 of the combat pack is the new Tinnitus Relief Formula. This high potency, proprietary blend of clinically proven natural vitamins and anti-oxidents works to dramatically boost your immune system. Also included is pharmaceutical grade Ginkgo biloba extract which has been proven in many clinical trials to relieve and reduce tinnitus symptoms.

When the immune system has been taking strain as naturally occurs with most tinnitus sufferers, the only way to "kick start" it is to give it a massive boost via supplementation.

Click here for a complete ingredient listing of the Tinnitus Relief Formula.


Stress Relief Formula

4.] A vital part of the combat pack is our all new Stress Relief Formula which is formulated to compliment our tinnitus remedies. It contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients clinically proven to help with stress and anxiety control.

Some of the ingredients are Vitamin C, many B type vitamins, Ginseng, Lemon Bioflavanoids, Choline, Licorice Root.

Click here for a complete ingredient listing of the Stress Relief Formula.

This powerful yet gentle stress and anxiety relief product has received rave reviews and is indeed a vital part of the combat pack. The formula also contains many of the ingredients used in LipoFlavonoid so it is also very helpful in the control of dizziness and light headedness associated with Meniere's disease.


White Noise Tinnitus Masking CD's

5.] Tinnitus masking - Thousands of of clients have reported that when they felt in need of relaxation and calming they would use something to "mask" the ear ringing using a variety of methods.

Some would have an electric fan on whilst they tried to fall asleep, others would leave a faucet running while yet others would try some white noise devices in an effort to drown out the incessant tinnitus noises.

We have surveyed thousands of people who had used some form of masking and the net result is the release of 3, 1 hour long, true stereo, digitally mastered soothing tinnitus masking CD's with no loops or intervals.

These CD's have been extensively tested amongst by tinnitus sufferers and have been found to provide the exact gentle masking sounds sought by so many tinnitus sufferers when in need of relaxation.

All components of the TTS are available for purchase individually.

safe tinnitus treatments

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