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Treatment for Ringing Ears

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treatment for ringing earsSadly, in most cases, there is no specific best treatment for ringing ears, such as tinnitus. Some sufferers of the ringing in ears syndrome seek the opinion of a specialist in otolaryngology, (commonly known as ENT; ear, nose and throat).

In this field, extensive tests are carried out by a trained physician in an effort to determine the cause of the debilitating ringing in the ears, however, this is not always successful; the use of medication varies and several may be tried, but as of today, medication alone is not seen as the best treatment for ringing in ears.

Natural Treatment For Ringing in the Ears

Not all causes of the condition are fully understood making it extremely difficult to determine the best treatment for ringing in the ears, there is no simple wonder drug, and it seems that no single drug is effective on its own when treating the ringing in the ears. Other therapies are often tried, including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, habituation and homeopathy.

  • Some of these tinnitus therapies however have shown a dramatic improvement in a patient’s quality of life, is this the path that will actually prove to be the best natural treatment for ringing in the ears along with similar conditions?

Cranial osteopathy is quite popular and has shown some long term success, no single physician professes this to be ‘the’ cure or ‘the’ best treatment for ringing in the ears, but it is very much worth considering. Stress and tension can create different types of bodily problems, and research shows that these elements can disrupt the body’s cranial rhythm; gentle manipulation of the spine and skull can help restore the balance of cranial rhythms, thus relieving the condition...

Ear Ringing Treatment

Before the ear ringing treatment of tinnitus, an evaluation should be administered by an ear, nose, and throat physician. This evaluation defines what kind of ear ringing treatment if any is needed.

The underlying cause of the problem determines what kind of ear ringing treatment to administer. Damage to the hearing organ causes tinnitus in a great number of the cases. In such cases, there is normally no need for an ear ringing treatment. Many therapies for tinnitus require some patience and time to see relief.

Also a combination of treatments, by many patients has been more effective than a single therapy. If you are bothered by tinnitus only when trying to sleep, a radio on low volume or the sound of a fan will usually relieve the problem.

Stay away from caffeine in various food forms. Use ear plugs for hearing protection and avoid loud noises especially if you have hearing loss. For most people tinnitus is allowed to fade into the background by simply ignoring it.

If by chance, it is caused by a tumor or aneurysm, that condition will have to be treated before treating the tinnitus condition. In other words, if the tinnitus is caused by a treatable condition, once the condition is treated, tinnitus sometimes goes away.

However, treating the main condition sometimes does not alleviate the tinnitus problem. There are only a few cases of tinnitus that are caused by identifiable, repairable medical conditions.

Sometimes a person with a hearing loss can experience some relief from the condition by an ear ringing treatment such as wearing a hearing aid. Biofeedback, a relaxation technique teaches people how to control certain autonomic body functions, such things as, pulse, muscle tension, and skin temperature.

The goal of this technique is to control body stress. Stress elevates tinnitus, so relaxation is one ear ringing treatment that may prove to be fruitful. Cochlear Implants, an electrical stimulation, are used in some as an ear ringing treatment for tinnitus.

This ear ringing treatment is used in deaf and near deaf patience because electrode implantation destroys health hair cells left inside the cochlea. You and your health care provider have to decide which ear ringing treatment is best for you.

The American Tinnitus Association does not and cannot recommend an ear ringing treatment or drug for you to use. There are so many variables surrounding medications, including side effects that it is best for patients to decide for themselves if unpleasant side effects are worth the exchange for tinnitus relief. Even more so some drugs actually include tinnitus as a side effect.

Could this be the best treatment for ringing in ears?

Some music companies are now producing natural sounds of Mother Earth; it may be the sound of waves gently lapping the shore, birds singing, or a gentle breeze brushing through the trees.

  • It is thought that listening to such sounds can re-train the brain into a much calmer mode and alleviate some of the symptoms of conditions such as tinnitus.
  • In days of old, Mother Nature was considered to be the best remedy for anything, whilst we live largely in a scientific world, perhaps it could be that Mother Nature proves to be the best treatment for ringing in the ears.

Dear John,

JoannI had to write to tell you I have been taking the Remedy
4 for almost 3 monthes. The noise in my left ear has drasitically been
reduced I can barely hear it at night. I use to hear a loud roar if I bent
over quickly or asleep with my head on the pillow a certain way. It is great
I have gotten 2 pkges of the remedy 4. When do you suggest I stop taking it?
I have had the problem before about 1 1/2. Also am I able to drink colored
soft drinks or coffee sometimes or eat chocolate. I know I stayed away while
taking the medication, but am I ever able to eat these things without it
affecting or aggravating the Tinnnitus.

Thank You


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